Escudo Web is very pleased to announce that we will be participating at the Mobile World Congress 2021 starting Monday 28th June to Thursday 1st July. After the event was cancelled last year due to Covid it will be good to be back and show our faces and solutions at the show. We have a stand with our European partner, Blabloo, currently selling in Switzerland and Germany and soon to be launched in other European countries. Please come and see us at our stand at 1L18 and we would love to be able to talk to you and show you our latest offerings. In the last year having access to a digital device has been a lifeline for children to continue learning at home. While many have not even had this technology, the effect of almost being “forced” to use it creates an even bigger issue that we need to solve: tech addiction, albeit this time it has now become an accepted part of life. Something needs to be done about this and children need to be taught how to use this technology responsibly before it is too late. Parents need to start establishing some rules as to what apps children can use as well as when, what web pages they can access and when, and especially, when they should be doing other things rather than becoming hooked on a device. So now more than ever our phone is needed by children everywhere, in order to reestablish the ground rules and help stop tech addiction that sadly has been caused by a situation of need to continue education rather than any fault of a child. Parents over this period have also been forced to be involved with their children’s education much more than ever before. For some this has been difficult, but it has created an interest that will remain for some time to come. Having a tool to be able to continue to supervise a child but without having to look over their shoulder, a mobile app on the parent´s phone that can manage a child’s access to apps at any moment of the day as well as managing what web sites a child can access and when is now imperative. Come and see us for a demo and to find out more. If you need a ticket just DM us!