Escudo Web are pleased to announce that we are now an Alliance Member of the Safeguarding Alliance. This organisation sets the “standard for safeguarding children and young people..bringing senior expertise and experience from relevant fields including; Education, Social Services, Policing, Health, and the Legal Profession to ensure that safeguarding children and young people is embedded into every practice and rooted at the core of every provision.  The Safeguarding Alliance maintains that every child has the right to be protected and live free from harm, neglect and abuse”. We share wholeheartedly their aims and goals and will help this cause by offering our own software tools which can further protect children online at school as well as at home. Additionally the mobile phone that we developed for kids (Blabloo smartphone in Europe and Geniora phone in Asia) enables a parent to manage the access that a child has to apps and internet and using black and white list can block (where a browser is required) pages containing any word not appropriate. We have a pre-installed FamilyChat, which means that children are not exposed to whatsapp and can learn to communicate properly.