The enforced greater usage of technology in the day to day learning process is starting to show some downsides. As this article in The Telegraph points out that there has been a massive increase in the usage of screens with one UK study revealing that “three quarters said their child was now looking at a screen for nine hours per day, nearly double the average prior to the outbreak”. Tech habits are now being changed permanently and issues are starting to become a reality for many. In particular problems with concentration, tech addiction, lower self-esteem, and poor sleep patterns are the most common. These can be balanced by trying to prioritise interactive sessions, agreeing time limits on screen time and avoiding social media, finding new hobbies and getting as much exercise as possible. Educational software from Escudo Web helps parents tackle these issues giving them the ability to freeze the screen of a device and suggest some alternative past time, and in the case of our Blabloo and Geniora phones, they can also remotely manage the child´s device so that the parent allows or not usage of all apps and access to Internet as well as ensuring that devices cannot be switched on after a child goes to bed. It all helps.