As part of their launch activities in the Indonesian market, Geniora, our Asian go-to-market partner has been presenting the Gen 1 Geniora phone in a number of shopping malls, with a great deal of interest from curious shoppers. They have their next exhibition from 14th to 23rd August. The Geniora offering combines a smartphone, our software, with their educational content Geniora 456. We have developed some tailor-made modifications for the local market, taking into account that this is predominantly Muslim. One of the features, “Please Listen”, that freezes the screen of the child’s device, helping to stop addiction to technology, has been adapted so that children are also reminded of prayer time and are brought back to the realities of life, and away from the virtual world. Additionally, Geniora have also produced a new video (in Indonesian), see below. We wish them much success and will be supporting them in the roll-out of their fabulous content and innovative offering as a child´s first smartphone, a safe and secure device that incorporates Digital Parental Interaction. This is a new way of educating and involving parents in the education of their children. The system, once linked, enables the parent to manage the access the child has to any app on their device and also to the Internet, ensuring that they do not access inappropriate content, and teaching a healthy relationship with technology.