A major problem for parents, who for the past ten months have been forced to get involved in the education of their children, is do they help them or not? According to TES parents are doing everything from “whispering answers to their children to blatantly shouting out answers or even submitting their own essays”. This is probably inevitable but over a prolonged period this probably hinders the child’s own learning, and similarly allows a parent to almost take over a lesson or online session – most of the time in the background – ensuring that their child gets a good mark but avoiding the learning experience for them. As TES goes on to say “There is some debate over whether the extra involvement by parents is a help, hindrance or just an inevitable part of lockdown learning”. The bottom line is that education is taking place, albeit in a different and less effective form than usual. The only thing to ensure is that children who access the internet without their parents have a filter in place. Better still, that this is one that can be set and managed remotely by the parent. Escudo Web has the leading Classroom Manager solution that allows a teacher to manage the class effectively and the parent to manage the filter outside of class.