There is a trend of engaging less with nature, amplified by quarantine over many months. This is due to “fears for children’s safety plus the demands of modern life mean many parents don’t allow their children the same freedoms”. But the simple act of being with nature has multiple benefits for the physical and mental wellbeing of children, as well their creative development. In fact “outdoor play has been linked to extended focus on tasks and the ability for children to be self-directed in their approach to learning. This is especially significant for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as time outdoors can increase concentration and lower hyperactive symptoms”. However, if parents fear not being by a child’s side, there is a way to maintain this communication, allow freedom and know that in an emergency one can track a child and they can feel safe. The Blabloo and Geniora smartphones do this and much more. With the parental app a parent can allow access to useful apps (camera, compass, maps) allowing them to focus on their environment and have fun, without distractions, while ensuring that they are also safe and secure if online, and if in danger can make a hidden SOS call.