While the last thirteen months have been hard on the poor and disadvantaged in terms of accessing methods of learning (which ideally and developed countries has been via Internet, or in other places by the television or radio) according to this UNICEF article there have been remarkable stories of teachers in rural areas that have been creative in their search for a medium that could keep children engaged, including two teachers in Pakistan setting up a WhatsApp school! These efforts are being recognised and promoted, as to “keep children learning, we need to enlist the energy of our societies’ most promising, committed, and creative leaders”. Multiple companies involved in education have come together under Teach For All and their network of education professionals in order to try and “get children and youth learning again and to support systems to reimagine education to meet their needs through and beyond the pandemic”. We applaud these efforts and when combined with one of our solutions can really enable them to learn wherever they are. We have a cost-effective solution to enable children to benefit from a digital education without the need for Internet infrastructure (Learning Everywhere), and our mobile phones (Blabloo and Geniora) can enable learning while managing a child’s access to apps and web pages.