We are pleased to announce that our go-to-market partner, Blabloo, has just signed an agreement with Swiss mobile operator Sunrise to sell the Blabloo Wave 1 smartphone. Tailored for children and young teenagers, the smartphone is designed to enable younger generations to safely access digital services. The Blabloo smartphone allows parents to manage all features and apps on the smartphone remotely, as well as track the device location via GPS. Another feature also allows children to contact their parents in case of any emergency, through a dedicated SOS button, as well as sending messages in a private family chat, rather than having to use whatsapp, which can be a source of bullying. Great to see more operators realise that it is both a responsible action to help protect children from the addictive nature of technology, apps and inappropriate content on the internet, as well as a large segment of the population who are becoming more concerned about keeping track of their children buy want to ensure that they learn to use smartphones responsibly.