During the pandemic teachers have been very focused on supporting children in their classes to ensure that they are healthy and particularly help with any mental health issues: this is expected of them. However, as a society we also need to protect those who are the forefront of this constant effort. This article by Edtechnology reveals that teachers are also suffering as an inevitability of their role, but possibly not surprisingly the source and type of pain is due to “ exposure to cyberbullying and online harassment from pupils”. The result of this is that teachers and other school staff are now at risk of “burnout”. This warning comes from the UK Safer Internet Centre (UK SIC), who run a national telephone helpline dedicated to helping teachers, educational practitioners, police, carers, and others deal with online safety and safeguarding issues. This situation, while measured and monitored in the UK, is very likely to be typical of the situation around the world. Clearly we need to ensure that children are safe and kept well, but we also need to ensure that those with this responsibility are also looked after.