As any parent knows, children are a few steps ahead of them in most things, but especially technology. Sadly as we try to manage how children engage with the world online by buying software systems to try to protect them we can be duped. This article in the Wall Street Journal highlights how children find workarounds to just about all parental control systems. The two leading companies providing the operating systems have tried to come up with ways for parents to keep tabs on their children and what they are viewing and using and none of these are child-proof, or so it seems. Inevitably third party software solutions are available where parents “can pay for additional parental-control services such as Bark, which can monitor kids’ activities on certain apps, and Circle, which can filter access to apps and place time restrictions—but even those have limitations”. The fact is that nothing on the market protects a child and allows the parent to relax, except the Blabloo smartphone in Europe and the Geniora one in Asia. There is no possible work around and despite any number of wipes the software cannot be removed. The parent can manage the access a child has to apps (and when) as well as what web pages can be viewed using an intuitive app downloaded onto a parental device. There is much more besides. Our approach is very different and based around the concept of digital parental interaction. Contact us for more information. 

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