A recent report by UNESCO has concluded what we have all known for some time: that our education systems do not give students the right amount of knowledge in order to adapt, act and respond to one of the major factors affecting humanity, namely climate change and the current environmental crisis. The study “Learn for our Planet” was carried out in 50 countries and assessed subjects addressed in teacher training – so a great starting point if we are going to teach children what these urgent matters are and better prepare them for the future. As a result of this study UNESCO has set out a new agenda to “make environmental education a core curriculum component in all countries by 2025… working with its 193 Member States to support curriculum reform and track progress to ensure everyone acquires the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to introduce positive change and protect our planet’s future”. With numerous global leaders involved in the conference let us hope that tangible, feasible plans are made which can translate into real changes in our education system that will lead to children better placed to face the burning issues of today and tomorrow.