A recent article on EdTechnology has highlighted a number of major challenges that still need to be addressed in education. Based on an interview with the Director of Education at Microsoft the interview raises questions about digital literacy, and how to use technology in the classroom. One comment of particular relevance today is that “Educators are tasked with the critical role of equipping students with the skills required for the future digital workplace. Educators who are equipped with the tools and skills to leverage technology in the classroom will ultimately help students develop vital digital skills that will help them succeed and reach their full potential”. Learning these basic digital IT skills will give any candidate an advantage over another without these and can secure employment in the workforce. But at the end of the day the technology used in schools has to help the learning process, improve its effectiveness and help protect children from inappropriate content. We are pleased to work with both Microsoft and Google in creating solutions that help protect and secure children in their learning experience and also provide teachers with tools to make learning in the classroom as well as remotely, as effective as possible.