According to the Institute of Digital Media and Child Development (a dedicated web site to Children and Screens) in their article on Covid.19 and Learning at Home make some very clear suggestions as to how to best cope with the new form of Schooling. The first of which is to ”try to give your kids a dedicated device such as a school laptop for maximum online learning”. Part of what we try and do throughout a child´s life is protect them, when they learn to walk, to ride a bike, and really shouldn´t we do the same when we give them technology? A dedicated device set up for education also has some more protection than a normal laptop. But on top of this we need to ensure we have a decent filter. Escudo Web´s “All in One” educational software solutions have a built-in filter which can be set up by the ICT Adminsitrator and in a matter of minutes installed in thousands of devices across a network, adjusted to each child´s age and class.