The question of whether Pedagogy comes before Technology has been swept aside in the last six months as the latter has become a means to the end, rather than just an afterthought. While learning cannot take place without pedagogy, it can take place without technology. In the past technology was used under the premise that it ensured engagement for children, who sometimes tuned out of lessons, but it needs to achieve much more than just engage them. Technology has to make learning better, faster, more effective, help the formative assessment and also reduce the teacher´s preparation time for a class. Key to supporting formative assessment is detailed feedback, rather than just a correct answer, and being able to “empower students to self-reflect, assess and take the helm in their learning”. Edtech can provide the data necessary to be able to constantly update this and show leaning, understanding and the ability to apply this. We need to forget about having it as a gimmick, but “fundamentally, the effectiveness of edtech depends on the quality of pedagogy that drives it”. Escudo Web software provides tools for teachers to manage their class more effectively and safeguard children in their online experiences.