In many countries examinations are currently being suspended to reflect the difficult state of the education system and the disruption that most youngsters have suffered due to the pandemic. The good news, however, is that this situation is a good reason for reflection as to what an educational system should look like. This article in the Telegraph brings to light some of the initiatives, and when Pearson, the exam board, announces that it is carrying out its own investigation into the future of qualifications and assessments one has to assume that there is possible change around the corner. With the objective of  building “learning experiences which are relevant, morally compelling, multi-faceted, knowledge rich, and which develop the sorts of skills pupils will need in the future” the challenge is clear. However, there have been few examples of education systems or schools attempting to imagine what this might look like. The article shares one such endeavour for senior school students engaging in a real world situation and crisis around Syrian refugees. Learning how to understand an issue, and help constructively is certainly one important step, but many more are needed.