One inescapable fact that happens inside and outside of school is bullying. While the past twelve months have possibly hidden the prevalence and damage that it does to young people a UNESCO report published before the end of 2020 reminds us of some of the facts about this appalling practice. The  report revealed that “more than 30% of the world’s students have been victims of bullying, with devastating consequences on academic achievement, school dropout, and physical and mental health”. School violence can be carried out by students (the most common), teachers or other school staff and can be bullying or cyberbullying, in the form of physical violence, phychological violence or sexual violence. However it is manifested it needs to be addressed before it affects mental health. UNESCO have proposed a “whole-education system or whole-education approach” that requires strong leadership and policies; staff training; promotion of caring climate; safe school environment; clear reporting mechanisms; involvement of all stakeholders; student empowerment; sector collaboration; monitoring. With these measures we can start to address this serious problem.